Health food makes me sick.

Calvin Trillin


Some of us wore white. Some of us did not.

Some of us could whack that little ball. Some of us could not.

But all of us had a good time thanks to Patricia.

Christina & Patricia think it over.


Clint and Sam plan their strategy. 


We hold this how and do what?

Babies always take precedence over croquet....right, Honey? Especially when it's little JK.


 Some guys are so nice they play with your baby while you play croquet!!!


And you just have a gay ole time whacking that little ball....


Form was Sam demonstrates.


Christina & Doyle (look like they) knew what they were doing...

 So is everyone's form all that funny Russ?


The knitters on the sidelines sure seemed to think so...

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Serenbe Culture Club Off & Running

 We start out early playing in the dirt and if we're lucky, we get to keep doing it forever. The Serenbe Culture Club recent "Pinch Pot" event, guided by our own resident potter, Hope Harrison (and assisted by Sam, Gemma, and Janice) was a fantastic afternoon for 24 new potters from Serenbe and Chatt Hills Community. And guess what folks? We can pinch pots!!! Everyone ended up with a masterpiece. We don't know how it happened. But it did! Thank you, Hope, for turning a bunch of wannabees into the real thing.

This was not your Mother's pinch pot class....Yes! These are pinch pots.

And check out all the smiling potters....

Table One

Table Two

Table Three

Table Four

Gwen just could not stop smiling (but then that's Gwen, always smiling)...

But Pepper's little creature was no slouch...

Instructor extrodinaire, Hope, and her Mom, Cathy.

A protective Wendy nurtures her new little creation.

Just another great day at Serenbe.

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