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Calvin Trillin

Feelin' Good

Kids are so funny. You think they don't notice much that doesn't concern them directly, but they notice everything. Laura and Avery came by the office today. I happened to have on an outfit that is less than ten years old -- actually all items (except the black turtle neck) were purchased this year. The pants are black, long and flowy and for some reason make me feel really tall. I had a flowy long blouse-like top over the black turtle neck (I do not know current fashion terminology so have no words to accurately describe this outfit). It's kind of artsy looking and since it's relatively new, I guess I wear it once a week like it or not. I noticed Avery giving me the once over -- you know....the way girls check out other girls. I'm thinking, she can't really be checkin' me out??? Then, she says, "You look cute, Nana." WOW. When a 6 year old tells a 60 year old they look cute, that's like totally over the top! I've felt like a gazillion dollars all afternoon especially considering that "cute" is not a word often used to describe me anymore. I wonder if she would consult with me on my next shopping trip (scheduled for 2011).

I was horsing around with the camera this weekend. She's always willing to ham it up for me. 

Yes, I know how to French braid!

Guess who has lost two more teeth?

The pony taggy we can not get through a day without.

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Learning to Ride

The kids spent the weekend with me at Serenbe and it was wonderful to get this much time with them. It rained Saturday so we took off to Newnan to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Sunday was better so we worked on our bike riding skills and took part in the Serenbe Olympics (more on that later).

A brother's help is not always welcomed, but this time it was OK.

We're off and running.

A little wobbly at times....

And for some reason, sticking out your tongue always seems to help your balance.

But sometimes, it's just easier to get off and walk the thing back!

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