Health food makes me sick.

Calvin Trillin

Why I Love Memory Mixer

Memory Mixer is the greatest little software package. It's the perfect software for the digital scrapbook artist -- why take hours and hours to create a scrapped page when you can create 10 in the same amount of time. But it's also great for creating announcements, invitations, etc. The cost is around $50. The software is so intuitive that a 6 year old could use it. You can check it out at

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Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend with stuff to do around the house and another "Culture Club" event at Serenbe. This time our topic was how to take what you have around your home and restyle it for a fresher look. Dana and David are both stylists with retail backgrounds and very good at what they do. Another resident volunteered his living room. It was great fun. Everyone was asked to bring an appetizer and the winning dish would be featured on Marie Nygren's "Serenbe Style and Soul Blog". Fun!

Here's my dish...asparagus with proscuitto

Here's the winner -- A fennel bulb and an antique slab of wood made all the difference to stuffed mushrooms.

John's bookshelves after rearranging. The secret is high to low -- of course, if your bookshelves are full of books, then they are more functional and less decorative. But most of us have "stuff" in our bookshelves.

One of the neatest things David and Dana did was to go out into the woods and find little plants -- floral and greenery, twigs and sticks. Then, they added "micro beads" and glitter and set their holiday table with lots of this. It was so pretty.

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