Well, I'll never see 49 again as I'm a little North of that number. I still work full time and stay very, very busy with all my hobbies, a big extended family, my daughter and two adorable Grandkids. I live in Georgia and a lot of my family are in this area and North Georgia as well. I'm the oldest of 5 siblings and since both Mom and Dad are gone, I've assumed the role of family matriarch. With 9 wonderful neices and nephews, that's a big job!

When I'm not working, a few things I enjoy are:

Sewing -- my Mom would totally freak at this. She was a wonderful seamstress and always did handwork, but I never had any interest (other than a little cross stitch) when I was younger and while she was alive. But a few years ago I became very enamoured with machine embroidery. I now have a Brother Ultra, Bernina Artista and a BabyLock Serger. Yet, I still don't know how to sew! (LOL)

Painting & Drawing -- it's hard to get better without more time devoted to this. I usually work in watercolors as the clean up is easier, but I still struggle with that whole backwards thinking part (paint the lights first) and the planning. I need more lessons and more time.

Cooking -- we have a joke among all my friends about my "test kitchen". I love to get all my cooking catalogs and have a wee bit of an addiction to kitchen "stuff". I would much rather shop at Williams Sonoma than Saks.  But, it's hard to cook for one so I'm usually more into cooking when I'm with friends. Being one of five kids, it's always been hard for me to cook in small batches as I'm accustomed to cooking for an army.

Art and Reading -- I'll post often about what I'm reading and love to get comments about what others are reading. As I've gotten older, it's sometimes difficult to stay interested in a book. I've finally stopped beating myself up over it and just move on quickly if I'm not interested. Generally, I'm reading 2 or 3 books at a time.

In art I have a lot of interests but especially outsider art, crafted works including dolls and vessels, works by people I know personally, and book art. I'm always surprised and so excited to discover new artists whose works I admire and would like to own.